2019 FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards
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Fourteen packages were recognized with 26 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards within one or more categories including Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging; Packaging Excellence; Printing and Shelf Impact; Technical Innovation; and Sustainability Achievement. The awards were presented during the 2019 FPA Annual Meeting Welcome Dinner & Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Ceremony on March 6, 2019, at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona.

FPA thanks the judging panel of the FPA 2019 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition for their time and expertise: Cory Francer, Senior Editor, packagePRINTING magazine; Robert Kimmel, Sc.D., Associate Professor and Director, Clemson University Center for Flexible Packaging, Clemson University; and David Luttenberger, Global Packaging Director, Mintel Group Ltd.

Sustainability continues to be a focus, with a number of entries using bio-based and compostable materials. Kimmel notes, “We saw several examples of bio-based and compostable materials. But what we thought was most significant is several excellent examples of conversion of multilayer films, which have previously been diverse materials, into materials which will be recyclable in the existing recycle streams, particularly the polyethylene stream. We feel this is very important for the future of the industry.”

Multisensory elements incorporated into flexible packaging was a growing trend seen in this year’s competition. “The multisensory aspect of flexible packaging has really taken several steps forward between films that have a leathery feel to communicate that aspect of a product and soft touch materials that really entice a consumer to reach out and feel the product,” says Francer.

Industry collaboration on packaging was also seen as a growing trend. According to Luttenberger, “We saw collaboration this year not just between one or two suppliers, but among multiple suppliers — sometimes two, three, or four suppliers. But what impressed me even more was that we’re seeing collaboration across continents, looking at technologies developed in one region and applying them to another, on a global scale. I think that’s going to really take the industry forward as well.”

Several of the entries also highlighted the transition of products previously packaged in rigid containers to flexible packaging, and addressed consumer convenience, making it easier for the consumers to shop, transport, dispense from, and use flexible packaging.

To review all packages, award levels, competition categories, and descriptions provided by the manufacturer, please visit www.flexpack.org

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