Flexible Packaging sat down with Radius Solutions to discuss recent improvements to workflow and enterprise management tools.

Stan Usry, national sales director, Radius Solutions

Q: For flexible packaging companies that are just beginning to explore enterprise management tools, which of your product features do you believe would best benefit these companies and why?

A: Clearly, our ability to fit packaging businesses and the ease with which our customers can get our software up and running would best benefit these companies. We have all heard horror stories about failed enterprise software implementations. At this point, most people have experienced at least one implementation and realize just how difficult and risky they can be. They recognize that how well a product fits the business is critical to its ability to be successfully implemented. No industry-focused solution on the market today has as many successful implementations in the flexible packaging industry as PECAS Vision by Radius Solutions.

Success is about product fit, experience and a proven track record. This is a difficult environment in which to implement enterprise software, so having a partner who has worked through the first 100 or so implementations in companies just like yours is critical. It takes a while to get to the level where Radius Solutions is now; we are proud to have so many packaging leaders achieving extraordinary results with PECAS Vision.

Q: What new improvements have you included in your most recent products and how have these changes benefited flexible packaging companies?

A: We have been focusing on recent improvements to our software that are centered on helping our customers to be proactive in their decision making process. Many times with enterprise management software, the information is used to tell you how you did last quarter, last week, and in best of cases, on third shift last night. While that is vital to any executive, we see it as a fundamental prerequisite to predictive analytics. The true opportunity is to use the information about how your business is doing to avoid trouble and seize moments of opportunity-not tell you how much damage the problems of yesterday caused. Our Business Intelligence application gives our customers the ability to quickly and easily look forward and manage the impact of raw material price fluctuations, or determine whether to make that investment in a new piece of equipment.

Many of today’s enterprise management tools have some kind of business intelligence capability and have for some time now. What we saw in the marketplace was that our customers had a hard time implementing this if it did not connect the macro view of the business with the micro view that validates assertions and analysis. That is what we have focused on. Our executives can quickly identify their top five profitable customers and products, and maybe even more importantly, their least profitable five. And right from that screen, a user is able to immediately drill down to see what happened on the shop floor the last five times those products ran. Our clients’ executives can have complete confidence in the information they are looking at and be empowered to make decisions which lead their company in the right direction.

In addition to our Business Intelligence module, we have also been working on helping our customers provide outstanding quality and customer service. Being easy to do business with is going to continue to be a differentiator in the competitive global market place.

Radius Solutions