Q: What kinds of trends/technologies is the slitting/rewinding sector seeing?

Companies investing in today’s high speed printing and laminating understand the potential bottleneck that the sluggish downtime of the slitter/rewinder can cause. And, so are now looking for more automation to reduce the set up or changeover time from one job to another.

With the demands for more targeted marking and special promotions (particularly for food packaging), run and rewind lengths are shorter, which puts more pressure on reducing the changeover time of the slitting and rewinding process.

Certainly for these industries, the trend is to install slitter/rewinders, whereby the slit reels are rewound on one shaft while the second shaft is being set up or finished reels removed.

Q: What are your customers requesting in terms of products or service?

Traditional dual turret (four rewind shafts) slitter/rewinders have been limited to a rewind diameter of around 24 inches, forcing many converters to purchase duplex shaft slitters (two rewind shafts) to cope with diameters up to 31.5 inches. This also has constrained the flexibility of production flow through the slitting department.

Titan has addressed this issue and designed the latest SR9-DT Dual Turret rewinder to be able to rewind up to 33.5 inches in diameter on both turrets, which removes these production constraints.

Q: Do you see anything missing in this portion of the flexible packaging industry?

Print or lamination faults can now be detected and electronically mapped on the printing press or laminator. This information can be used (electronically – no flags) to either edit on full width doctoring processes before reaching the slitting department, thereby eliminating the need to edit at all on the slitter – or used to control the slitter rewinder, stopping quickly and accurately so that the slitter operator can quickly edit and re-start.

Q: What's new and exciting at the company?

Launching the first model from the new Titan SR9 multi-machine platform was one of the most important challenges we faced during 2011. The ICE Europe exhibition in Munich, Germany in November was perfectly timed to introduce the new SR9 Series slitter with live demonstrations of the Dual Turret (DT) rewinder, which performed faultlessly during the 3 day event, running at speeds of up to 900 m/min. (2,950 ft/min) More new Titan SR9 models will also be launched during 2012.

This year will see yet another drupa exhibition in , in May and we will have a strong presence as always at this very important global event with live slitter rewinder demonstrations daily during the exhibition.

It is our intention to continue investment within the organization, in human resources and particularly in technology and service. We have already made a significant investment in a new 3D CAD engineering design system and towards the end of last year we acquired a new ‘cloud-based’ CRM system to better serve our customer base.


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