Totani America exhibited several examples of its state-of-the-art equipment at Pack Expo 2010, including the unveiling of their latest data management system and software package.

Totani America demonstrated its new capability for its CT60D+Q (large and small format bags) Stand Up Pouch machine, which incorporates a new shuttle for momentarily stopping the web to punch a hole needed for pinch bottom on the Quad Bag and Stand Up Pouch. The CT60DLLSC+Q is capable of three-side seal, multiple-lane; two-lane, three-side seal with zipper; and Stand Up Pouch with zipper. Quad Seal Bags can be produced with Gusset Tack Holes, Bottom Seal and Corner Angle Seals.

The FD35V machine converts bags as wide as 13.78-in.; the FD60D produces finished bags up to 23.6-in. Both machines are capable of Fin, Quad, Lap and Offset Fin Seal configurations; one- and/or two-lane Stand-Up Pouch production; three-side seal, multiple-lane; and valve applicator. TD Zippers, Press to Close Zippers for Stand Up Pouches, and Slider Zippers for Stand Up Pouches can also integrated into the finished bags by either machine.

Totani America’s current products include pouch machines for the production of the following pouches: three-side seal, shaped, stand-up, spouted, reclosable zipper – both slider and press-to-close, side gusseted fin seal, side gusseted four-corner edge seal or quad seal, and true flat bottom pouches.

Totani America