While a majority of Americans (57%) would like for the U.S. to achieve “zero-waste,” a state where all products are reused and any trash sent to landfills is minimal, in 20 years or less, 53% of those surveyed anticipate that goal will take 41 years or more to achieve. These were the findings of a recentsurvey of 1,000 Americans conducted by Opinion Researchfor the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI).

Although the survey was conducted by a group representing glass packaging, the ramifications of such a lofty zero-waste goal and packaging industries-including flexible packaging-are clear according to Joseph Cattaneo, president of the Glass Packaging Institute.

“Creating ‘zero-waste’ in the U.S. is a goal that needs to be shared by all industries, communities, and consumers,” says Cattaneo in a press release.

GPI's survey of 1,000 Americans was conducted by telephone from April 8-11, 2010 by Opinion Research, with a margin of error of +/-5% (survey facts).