Despite its presence in every other facet of daily life, asustainability survey by BrighterPlanet.comhas found there’s plenty of room for improvement as employers interact with employees on sustainability efforts. Data collected by BrighterPlanet found that although 86% of respondents claim their organization promotes employee sustainability in some regard, only 16% said their employer collects data related to employee sustainability. Moreover, just 14% indicated their employer had an official employee sustainability engagement policy.

Smaller organizations tended to see more sustainability-driven interaction with employees than did larger companies according to the BrighterPlanet report. Organizations with fewer than 100 people were nearly twice as likely to promote sustainability very frequently. In turn, their efforts are twice as likely to be effective at changing employee behavior.

The data also suggests that the most effective programs were pushed from the top down. Says BrighterPlanet, engagement programs featuring an organization’s management or board as the main advocate for employee sustainability were up to three times as effective as those in which an employee sustainability director led the sustainability charge.

Finally, the BrighterPlanet study found that more than 60% of respondents want to learn more about their employers’ and co-workers’ sustainability efforts, and 67% would like their employers to change their stance on sustainability.