Anew report from Mintelsuggests that although value has quickly become the new normal for most consumers, convenience still resonates with the out-to-eat crowd, potentially spelling the need for continued pressure for convenience features prevalent in flexible packaging. According to Mintel’s report, 62% of 25- to 34-year olds and 55% of 18- to 24-year olds rank a restaurant’s proximity to their workplace as very important/important when selecting where to dine, a far cry from the 41% of all respondents.

“Though value remains important to diners in this economy, our survey reveals convenience may be equally as important. Young adults and young families, especially, are pressed for time, making restaurants an easy and often necessary solution for meals,” says Chris Haack, senior analyst at Mintel.

While 43% of respondents have cut spending on delivery and takeout this year, approximately one in six 18- to 34-year olds say they’re spending more on these convenient services compared to 2008. In the past three months, those in the 18-34 age bracket were twice as likely as the general population to have ordered delivery.

Despite packaging’s progress to do the same for meals at home, Mintel points out that restaurants make mealtime easier, especially for 25- to 34-year olds, many of whom work full-time or have young children. Nearly half (49%) say they dine at casual restaurants because they’re too tired to cook, while 40% do so because they have no time to prepare a meal, compared to 40% and 30% of all respondents, respectively.