More than two out of every three (70%) of consumers in aGongos Research studysaid they're extremely or very interested in participating in a company's co-creation process for enhancing today's snack and beverage items or altogether developing new products and their packaging. Respondents also indiciated a high level of interest in co-creating in the consumer electronics, health and wellness, and clothing and accessories categories.

While marketing research traditionally serves to uncover insights for products in the making, "co-creation" is acknowledged as a more proactive and collaborative process, integrating consumers into the development process as early as the pre-planning stage. Only 8% of those 1,000 consumers surveyed were opposed to or not interested in co-creation.

Although consumers don't necessarily expect recognition or direct compensation for these contributions, Gongos' research suggests they won't say "no" either. About 73% of consumers expect a sample of the product, while 71% expect a cash incentive in exchange for their ideas and their time. What's more, 76% of consumers are willing to forego acknowledgement or creative license for their ideas, protecting companies from claims based on intellectual property rights or royalty expectations.

"While this is our initial study focused on 'co-creation,' it indicates that there is no real downside to integrating consumers into the full product creation mix, unless of course product designers and marketers see it as a threat to their livelihood, which they should not," says Michael Alioto vice president of analytics for Gongos Research.