According to market research firm Packaged Facts, retail sales of green cleaners in 2009 totaled $557 million -made up of $339 million in green household cleaning products and $218 million from green laundry products-representing 3% of the total household and laundry cleaner retail market. The report,"Green" Household Cleaning Products in the U.S., further indicated that retail sales of green cleaners grew 229% between 2005 and 2009, tripling their share of the total household cleaner market in that time.

The Packaged Facts study also showed that the green household cleaners market is riding several key trends, including increased attention in mainstream media, expanded distribution and growing retail and mass-marketer channels. In a survey conducted as part of the Packaged Facts report, 42% of adult consumers, or 48 million households, reported having used a natural, organic, or ecologically friendly household cleaning/laundry product within the previous 12 months compared to 38% of respondents from a similar survey conducted a year earlier. When researchers compared these 48 million homes and the market's $557 million of sales, they found the amount spent on green cleaners equals nearly $12 per customer household.