Erema GmbH, the world’s largest manufacturer of plastics recycling systems, officially opened its new customer center at the Ansfelden, Austria headquarters with the gala “Erema Discovery Days 2012” event.   The 13,000 sq. ft. customer center, a five million euro ($6.25 million) Erema investment, opened with seven operating systems available for technology and material tests, demonstrations and customer trials of their own materials. The event included the launch of the new Corema recycling system with in-line compounding.

In addition to Erema recycling equipment, the center offers blown and cast film equipment and an injection molding system for instant application testing.

Corema in-line compounding

The Corema system combines Erema recycling technology in-line with a Coperion co-rotating, twin-screw extruder.  In the process reclaimed plastic materials enters an Erema system where it is transformed into high quality melt that passes directly into the Coperion extruder where desired additives can be introduced and mixed. The processing result is a custom configured plastic compound for any of a variety of desired high-quality applications.

The “Discovery Days 2012” Corema demonstration included an injection molding machine using the compounded material to produce sample products.

Customer Center     

By any measure, the Erema customer center opening was an extraordinary event.  Approximately 400 invited guests from five continents attended, including distinguished local and regional government officials, education and industry leaders, and Erema customers and agents.

Manfred Hackl, Erema CEO, delivered a welcoming address summarizing the history of Erema and introduced a new company focus on application engineered technology.   Ton Emans, president of EuPR a prestigious, Europe-based plastics recycling promotional organization, delivered the keynote address, emphasizing the importance of quality recycling and anticipating the increasing volume of plastic waste.

While at the new center, customers can examine equipment and processes either on the presentation area floor or from an integrated, comfortable lounge with a panoramic view of the center.

According to Hackl, Erema performs 400 customer trials a year.  Formerly, these trials were carried out in the R&D Center. 

Hackl says, “With the new center we gain a double benefit. We improve customer service while freeing needed space for the very important processes of developing new recycling technology for new applications.”