VELCRO brand products have been in production for over 50 years. Today the organization has a strong technology profile, with more than 300 active patents in 159 countries, and continues to invent new products through its commitment to innovation. Velcro USA Inc. meets the demands of the global marketplace through product and process development in woven and knit textiles, continuous plastic molding, non-woven loops, and a variety of other fastener technologies. The company maintains an ongoing emphasis on quality excellence, meeting standards for ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485.

Velcro USA Inc. has introduced two products to the packaging and materials handling markets; VELCRO Brand PRESS-LOK, a reclosable hook-to-hook fastener for packaging, and VELCRO Brand LOGISTRAP, a reusable strap for securing pallet boxes, collapsible containers, and sleeve packs. PRESS-LOK fasteners open and close with audible clicks, will engage without precise lineup, and can be heat sealed to most polyethylene flexible films. PRESS-LOK is manufactured in many styles for a variety of packaging applications for pet food, dry human foods, agricultural products, document envelopes, and stationery.  PRESS-LOK fasteners make the experience of opening and closing bags much easier for consumers who have long struggled with other reclosable options.

LOGISTRAP is a reusable, versatile strap that can be used in distribution centers and warehouses for securing goods to a pallet. It is a sustainable alternative to single-use fasteners such as banding or shrink wrap, and is a lower cost alternative with extended usage.  LOGISTRAP has a distinct advantage over banding by eliminating the corner damage to cartons while worker handling safety is improved by its unique design. LOGISTRAP has been launched globally and is another product that Velcro USA Inc. has developed to make everyday work easier for logistics and distribution personnel.

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