Catbridge Machinery designs and manufactures durable, innovative slitter rewinders that maximize productivity. Our Model 344 FP dual turret, for example, outproduces conventional winders by 200-300% or more in some applications. The new Model 324 FP turret takes a fresh approach to flexible packaging slitting, reducing downtime between sets to 20 to 30 seconds. Other models offer exceptional versatility, such as our Model 902 center winder which does the job of two machines, offering duplex slitting as well as large diameter roll log winding.

Innovative Technologies and Features
Unique Catbridge technologies and special features significantly improve performance. We've developed advanced technologies that eliminate or shorten downtime in key areas of slitter rewinder operations while also reducing waste and providing superior roll formation. Our turrets integrate innovations that completely automate the cutoff and transfer process, slashing downtime. Our automatic knife placement and automatic core placement systems increase accuracy, consistency, and repeatability while greatly reducing setup times. Other technologies include an advanced yet intuitive control system, closed-loop tension, operating speed advancements, and a variety of loading and unloading systems.

Machinery Optimized for Individual Needs
Catbridge has extensive experience building converting machinery for a wide range of applications and materials, including a variety of films and laminations. To optimize performance, we tailor all of our machines to individual customer needs. We can also provide as much customization as necessary, from a unique added feature to a ground-up solution.

Catbridge Machinery
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