For over 20 years, NEX Performance Films has provided superior quality monolayer, coextruded and coextruded barrier blown films for demanding packaging applications. Our films are used as the sealant layer in laminated packaging for: Cheese, Wipes, Lidding, Pet Food, Lawn & Garden, Medical, Coffee, and many other markets.

We help protect the product in the package and the brand name on the outside of the package.

We’re home to some of the most knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly people in the industry. We treat you like a partner, not just a customer. It’s no wonder that so many converters - and the top national brand owners they serve - trust us to provide packaging solutions. We’re the name you know and the people you trust to protect your company’s reputation in an increasingly competitive market.

Barrier Coextrusions for Demanding Applications
NEX Performance Films has been manufacturing EVOH and Nylon barrier films for two decades. We have developed an extensive portfolio of proven products used in a variety of markets. We can make barrier films with up to nine layers to allow us to creatively solve your most challenging packaging needs. Our films can provide high levels of protection from oxygen, moisture, heat or chemicals. We can also help your packaging process better, run faster, and seal more effectively.

Our 5 layer pilot line gives us the capability to do some of our development “off line” and provides our customers with additional “speed to market” in developing new products. Extensive analytical capabilities are another way that NEX Performance Films keeps our customers ahead of their competition.

Innovation and Investment
We continue to stay on the cutting edge of raw material development to make sure that our customers have access to the latest resins and additives. Our technical and production teams work together to find ways to incorporate new materials, new processing techniques, and upgrades in equipment to develop innovative film solutions for some of the most demanding packaging applications. We regularly invest in new equipment to offer our customers the quality, consistency and service they need to compete.

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