New York Becomes First Major City to Mandate Plastic Bag Recycling

In early January, the New York City Council passed the “New York City Plastic Carryout Bag Recycling Law,” requiring any store in New York City that uses plastic bags and occupies 5,000 or more square feet to establish an in-store recycling program for plastic bags. The legislation is the first of its kind for a major city, was developed in close cooperation with environmental groups, retailers and bag manufacturers, and makes it easy for New Yorkers to recycle bags throughout the five boroughs.

Plastic bags are a fully recyclable and environmentally responsible choice at the checkout. More than 650 million pounds of plastic bags and film are recycled annually across the country. These materials are made into useful new products, such as low-maintenance fencing and decking, building and construction products, and new carryout bags.

In-store recycling systems provide an easy way for customers to recycle their bags. New York is the first major U.S. city to mandate in-store recycling in large stores. In doing so, it has set an example for other municipalities to creatively employ existing resources to reduce waste, improve sustainability and achieve broader environmental goals.

Alcoa Publishes Sustainable Fact Sheet on PVC Shrink Film

Alcoa Flexible Packaging certifies that its Reynolon PVC Shrink Film is a responsible packaging choice and has published a fact sheet on the safety and sustainability of their leading shrink film. The company’s Reynolon PVC Film is made in the USA and conforms to all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, ensuring that its employees are safe and the products are manufactured without lead, cadmium and phthalates and are safe for communities, consumers and the environment.

One of the benefits of Reynolon PVC Film is that it contains approximately 50 percent less fossil fuel resources than alternative materials such as polyolefins. The base raw materials of Reynolon PVC Film are salt - an abundant, virtually inexhaustible material - and fossil fuel sources like oil or natural gas.

Some Reynolon PVC Shrink Film formulations contain as much as 62 percent of materials that are bio-based or renewable. Less energy is required to shrink Reynolon PVC film, decreasing energy consumption and costs.

ACPO Expands Ohio Plant

As the principal manufacturer of self-wound pressure sensitive roll label films, acpo ltd. announced a 20,000-square foot plant expansion to its state-of-the-art facility located in Oak Harbor, Ohio. The company is constructing the addition to accommodate its rapidly growing customer base as part of the company’s continued dedication to provide quality products with superior service. The plant expansion is scheduled to be completed during the first quarter of 2008.

Plans for the 20,000-square foot additional space include enlarging acpo’s production area incorporating new converting equipment, as well as expanding the shipping department to accommodate the increased order demands placed on their shipping and receiving personnel.

Acpo continues to design and develop new self-wound polyester and polypropylene film adhesive applications for the label, pressure sensitive tape and flexible packaging and consumer product industries.

Sealed Air Names Three Student Finalists in Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors

The crowning of America’s next young inventor is drawing nearer, as Sealed Air Corp. announced the three student finalists in the second annual, nationwide Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors. The three finalists are:

Max Wallack, 11 - “Carpal Cushion”: Max used Bubble Wrap to create an adjustable wrist cushion designed to help alleviate and prevent the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome experienced by computer users, as well as agricultural and manufacturing workers in foreign and developing nations.

Hannah Haas, 13 - “Sensory Wallpaper”: Hannah used Bubble Wrap to create a wallpaper designed to stimulate and engage children afflicted with autism through the combination of a textured bubble surface containing large and small bubbles, and a calming, blue wallpaper background.

Nicolette Mann, 13- “Transformable Bubble Wrap® Kite”: She used Bubble Wrap to create a single kit that enables the easy assembly of multiple flying kites by providing detailed instructions on how to construct different formations, shapes and styles.