A 25-member Chinese packaging delegation, including China Flexible Packaging Association president Patrick Cheung, general secretary Wen Xiusong and representatives from 14 flexible packaging converters, visited laminating equipment manufacturer Nordmeccanica and Aladdin Packaging in Long Island on Oct. 9. Part of a larger North American visit that included a stop at CPP Expo in Las Vegas Oct. 5-7, in addition to updating the converters on the latest laminating technology and retort applications, the meetings at the New York plants were aimed at promoting communication between the U.S. Flexible Packaging Association and China Flexible Packaging Association, who together represent the two largest packaging markets in the world.

“We truly think that communication in a global market is essential and will provide benefits to every party,” says Giancarlo Caimmi, commercial director at Nordmeccanica.

The day’s presentations included demonstrations on Nordmeccanica’s Super Simplex SL line, briefings on solvent-free and multi-ply lamination and research on current converting trends in China. Jim O’Leary, a senior advisor for Nordmeccanica, provided insights on the Flexible Packaging Association, including member benefits, market profiles, programs, research studies and sustainability advantages of flexible packaging. as well as trends currently shaping the American flexible packaging market.


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