Bunting Magnetics Co. announced in February that its new, custom-built facility in Newton, Kan., is in full production of chemically hardened flexible dies. The new plant and equipment allows Bunting to produce all types of machine-sharpened flexible dies from simple designs to intricate die patterns in widths up to 30 inches.

At the forefront of the state-of-the-art manufacturing process is sophisticated computer-to-plate (CTP) technology that eliminates the photographic film typically used in flexible die manufacturing. The use of CTP technology removes one generation or “transfer” of the film image to the plate and increases the sharpness, accuracy and speed at which the plates are created. The company also points out that it’s one of a limited number of companies using a CNC (computer numerical controlled) mill designed solely for sharpening flexible dies, further ensuring die accuracy.

All dies are proofed with a precision die cutting module for accuracy and performance. Proof sheets are checked under a high power magnifier for cleanliness of cut and a special malachite stain test to examine the liner for evidence of unwanted liner penetration which may cause a die to wear prematurely.

Bunting Magnetics Co.