Lamination machine sets Guiness World Record at drupa; EskoArtwork and Sun Chemical announce ‘colorful’ cooperation

Lamination machine sets Guiness World Record at drupa

GBC Commercial Laminating Solutions Group, part of ACCO Brands Corp., successfully achieved a new Guinness World Record at drupa 2008 by setting the fastest time for laminating 102.2 square metres of paper (size 70 x 100 centimeters)  in just 40.5 seconds.

The two products that achieved this task-the new GBC 8500HS Cyclone laminating system and GBC High Bonding Strength (HBS) film-made their debut at the show. For the team completing the challenge, the “go” signal was given when the first sheet entered the laminator. Only the portion of the paper surface actually covered by the laminating film was measured. The clock was stopped when the last sheet to complete the 100 square meters exited the laminator.

Witnesses and the adjudicator from the Guinness Book of World Records verified that the sheets were properly laminated, without creases or air pockets, and that the total laminated surface was at least 100 square meters.
 GBC Commercial Laminating Solutions Group
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EskoArtwork and Sun Chemical announce ‘colorful' cooperation

Sun Chemical and EskoArtwork have announced details of a new strategic partnership in color and workflow. Sun Chemical has expertise in applied color management for brand packaging and EskoArtwork has capabilities with color-managed packaging workflows. Both companies have already been working together for several months, integrating their solutions and testing the value proposition with selected mutual customers.

The partnership will involve producing color-accurate proofs by integrating access to the Sun Chemical SmartColour database of ink readings inside the EskoArtwork Kaleidoscope color-management software. The SmartColour database contains over 300,000 printed packaging colors, which can be achieved with inks from almost any supplier.

SmartColour will extend the EskoArtwork “Color for Everyone” platform by enabling the whole packaging development workflow to use real colors printed with real inks on real substrates. The integrated solution will be rolled out to the market near the end of this year.
Sun Chemical