In the spirit of sustainability, Coating Excellence International (CEI) has started to replace part of its carbon-sourced electrical energy with energy derived from renewable and carbon-free sources. 

On August 8, CEI signed an agreement to purchase renewable electrical energy from the Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) NatureWise program. To date, the agreement between CEI and WPS represents the largest quantity of NatureWise energy to be purchased in the WPS service territory. 

Forty commercial and industrial customers currently are enrolled in the NatureWise program. The renewable and carbon-free energy offered through the program is composed of 50% wind and 50% biogas from local landfills and dairy farm waste.

CEI, the first flexible packaging company to join NatureWise, selected the program in the interest of working with a local energy provider. Using renewable energy significantly lowers the company’s carbon footprint by reducing green house gas emissions, which are a by-product of carbon-based electric power generation.