Web guiding systems manufacturer Fife Corp. celebrates 70 years of success in the web handling industry in 2009. Fife was acquired and operated by Maxcess International Corp. in 1989.

Fife’s roots go back to the small garage of Irwin Fife’s Oklahoma City, Okla., home in 1939 when a friend with a newspaper business described the challenge of keeping paper aligned on his high-speed press; within a year, Fife developed and installed his first working model. Since, Fife has introduced advanced controls and electromechanical technology to the web guiding industry, and today, Fife Corp. continues to work closely with customers in engineering innovative web guiding products.

Fife is a founding member of Oklahoma State University’s Web Handling Research Center (WHRC), a university/industry cooperative research center designed to expand the knowledge of web handling while codifying and transferring the knowledge to industry sponsors; Fife Corp. has been a primary sponsor at the center since the its formation in 1986.

Fife Corp., A Maxcess International Company