Nuova Castagnoli S.r.l., producer of printing and converting machines for the flexible packaging industry, has officially assumed the former operations and assets of Gidue S.p.A.. Gidue S.p.A., active in the label and packaging market since 1999, closed its doors in December 2008 after the company acknowledged that the global recession had paralyzed the company, rendering it unable to cover fixed costs.

Upon Gidue’s announcement that it was closing, Nuova Castagnoli-a former Gidue supplier for offset presses, vision systems and hot stamping technology-agreed to handle new sales, prepare new dedicated service contracts and offer original service and spare parts at cost to all owners of existing presses. Likewise, Gidue sales and service locations promptly agreed to continue activities under a new configuration with Nuova Castagnoli while negotiations and proceedings with local trade unions, debtors and courts were ongoing.

On June 22, Nuova Castagnoli announced its intention to change its trade name to Nuova Gidue S.r.l., a process the supplier believes will take three months. Under the new name, Nuova Gidue S.r.l. will continue to manufacture flexographic, offset and digital presses for the label and packaging markets while servicing more than 320 Gidue press installations across the globe. n

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