Representative and House Minority Leader John Boehner recently accepted an invitation from Color Resolutions Int’l. (CRI) to tour the ink supplier’s facilities and discuss topics related to manufacturing currently before Congress.

Boehner’s visit included a tour of CRI’s Product Development Lab, where demonstrations of lab processes stemming from new research and development were performed. He continued with his tour of CRI’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and customer relations department, followed by a meeting with a large group of CRI employees. Boehner answered a number of questions regarding the present status of employment, the high unemployment rate and health care legislation. Afterward, he spoke privately with CRI president and chief executive officer George Sickinger about several issues, including proposed Cap and Trade legislation, R&D tax incentives, health care cost escalation, energy policy and the status of the Card Check bill.

Boehner, with 19 years in the U.S. House and five in the Ohio State House of Representatives, is no stranger to the packaging and plastics industry. He began his career as a manufacturing representative and broker in a small sales business and eventually rose to the role of president of that firm. During his CRI visit, Boehner was impressed with the quality of flexography and at the strides made in graphics over the last several years. He was shown an array of finished goods using water-based flexo and UV curing inks on pressure-sensitive and shrink labels, envelopes, shrink wrap, folding cartons and post print corrugated products.

Color Resolutions Int’l.