ISO Poly Films, Inc., a member of the Sigma Plastics Group and a leading manufacturer of multi-layer plastic films, announces that it is adding a facility in Vancouver, Wash., and installing additional lines in its Gray Court, S.C., facility. This double expansion will bring ISO Poly Films’ total film capacity close to 130 million pounds per year and supports anticipated growth to 200 million pounds in the next few years.

“This expansion in Vancouver is an opportunity to accommodate our high growth and better serve our customers located in the western region of the U.S.,” says ISO Poly founder and president Jon McClure. “We are excited to become a part of the Vancouver community and look forward to bringing opportunities for economic growth and employment in the area,” he adds.

The facility in Vancouver will have three-layer co-extrusion capacity and seven-layer barrier capacity to produce ISO Poly’s quality films for the converting, coating, printing and laminating markets. The company manufactures a wide range of specialty films, including critical application mono-layer, three-layer, and seven-layer high barrier, co-extrusion films. The film is used for various applications, including packaging for fresh produce, frozen meats and vegetables, and beverage pouches; protective films for consumer electronics and polished metals; backing films used in the manufacturing of adhesive tapes; and other consumer, medical and industrial applications.

“We are pleased with ISO Poly Films’ growth and success and know that this investment in a West Coast facility will effectively increase production to meet the growing demand for specialty films,” says Alfred Teo, chairman and CEO of the Sigma Plastics Group. “ISO’s new plant in addition to two new lines in its South Carolina plant will continue the tremendous growth of its film production and capacity and answer a growing demand for ISO’s film products,” he adds.

Established in 1998 by McClure, ISO Poly Films formed a strategic partnership with Sigma Plastics. ISO Poly Films has experienced significant growth and success within the Sigma Plastics Group. In fact, ISO Poly is the flagship company of sigma’s multi-layer specialty films division.

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