Short Runs, Rapid Turnarounds and Attention Compelling Graphics

Bold investments aimed at improving quality and supporting extraordinary service have allowed New Wave Converting Inc. to thrive in what for some is a difficult business environment. The installation of a new flexo press and a move toward printing with solvent-based inks has put distance between New Wave Converting and the competition.

In business for more than 30 years, New Wave Converting is family owned and operates from two manufacturing facilities in Fontana, Calif. The company has carefully built a culture around effective customer service supported by short run capability and fast turnarounds. To facilitate a high quality level of service, the company invests in advanced performance technology and maintains a large inventory of materials.

According to New Wave marketing and social media manager Jill Hanmer, after receiving an order, work usually begins in 24 hours or less. “Customer service drives every aspect of operation,” she says. “To respond quickly we keep a large inventory of materials.”

New Wave is a complete converter; a single source for top quality flexographic printing in 200 lpi process and 4 and 6 color process in both 8 color and 10 color, up to 52 inches wide. The company offers up to 3- and 4-layer laminating, including crystal clear packaging, foil and metalized film, both solvent and solventless, and in-house produced stand-up pouches with or without zippers. Typical products include printed and laminated flexible packaging for the snack and food industries and a growing list of packaging for salads. Capabilities include matte finish and an array of coatings for a wide variety of barriers, heat seals and fog and atmospheric control. New Wave controls the entire process from plate to finished pouch or roll stock.

New machines for new offerings    In the 1990s, New Wave purchased a 6 color Schiavi central impression flexo press from the Bobst Group. Satisfied with their first experience, New Wave turned again to Bobst, ordering an 8 color, 52 inch wide Schiavi CI flexo press when additional production muscle was needed. Installation was completed earlier this year.

“Our entire production team was impressed with the durability and performance of the Schiavi press and the extraordinarily smooth startup and post installation support provided by Bobst,” Hanmer says. “Compared to what we have experienced with other vendors this level of service and support was exceptional.

“If anything, the latest installation went even smoother than the first,” adds Hanmer. “There were no growing pains and it was as close to plug-and-play as you can get. After startup, in the few times we needed support, Bobst experts were available 24/7. We always had the right person on the phone in under an hour.”

 In addition to the flexo presses New Wave equipment includes three slitters, including a Bobst Titan SR-6; a Nordmeccanica solventless laminator and a Flint plate making machine. It also includes a Ship and Shore thermal oxidizer recovery unit. The last unit was needed after New Wave moved to solvent based ink a few years ago.

Quality standards met with solvent-based inks    The move to solvent-based inks, supplied by Flint, required a substantial investment. However the improvement in the quality of printed images and enhanced production efficiency is more than justifying the investment. .
“Use of solvent-based inks distinguishes our graphics from our competitors’ graphics. Our graphics are noticeably more vivid and give our customers’ products a more compelling presence on the store shelf.” Hanmer says.

 What made the change to solvents an especially bold move was the amount of investment required to comply completely with California’s stringent air quality laws, the most demanding in the nation. Key to that compliance was installation of the Ship and Shore thermal oxidizer recovery unit for air quality. .
“We are committed to sustainability and did not shrink from California’s demanding air quality requirements. We worked to meet and exceed what was required for compliance and our owners took responsibility for the considerable investment that required,” says Hanmer.

 With the new press installed, the changeover to solvent based ink complete and a substantial inventory of materials on hand, in house, New Wave Converting is positioned to continue providing their customers with service that exceeds expectations and quality packaging with graphics that dominant the store shelves.

 Fritz Huber, New Wave Converting finance executive, sums it up as, “Getting a new press online quickly was an important growth milestone for us.” .

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