PolyCello’s SmartPack is unique in that the package can be recycled as a #2 or #4, instead of the traditional lamination of a #7 plastic.

“To provide the highest quality flexible packaging products and services that yields a long-term benefit to our customers and employees.” That is the mission statement of Nova Scotia-based PolyCello. This award winning company has done a lot over the past decade, including reducing residual solid waste by 83 percent per foot produced through in-house recycling and composting programs.

The company has transferred its water system to a closed loop system, lowering its water usage by more than 82 percent per foot produced. It has reduced greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) by over 57 percent per foot produced by using natural gas. To prevent unnecessary solvent evaporation, PolyCello has improved its processes, thus reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by over 48 percent per foot produced.

A Recyclable SmartPack

To stay in step with customers’ and its own awareness of the impact packaging has on the earth, the company has developed biodegradable and compostable packaging alternatives.

PolyCello produces the trademarked SmartPack, a product that can be used in the same situations as a traditional lamination, but is easier to recycle. A traditional lamination has a recycle symbol of #7 plastic, whereas SmartPack can be recycled as a #2 or #4, meaning millions of packages each year from PolyCello can be diverted from landfill and into the recycling stream.

PolyCello’s SmartPack technology is an innovative new process that gives the look of high quality lamination with only one layer, and it utilizes energy-curing technology, effectively reducing the number of films required for a given package. This VOC-free process represents a breakthrough in packaging reduction and sustainability, saving production time and expenses, and most importantly, significantly reducing the package’s environmental impact.

The SmartPack has generated a lot of interest in its first year and has been recognized as an industry best in packaging, winning two awards already, the Innovation in Waste Reduction Award from the Resource Recovery Fund Board of Nova Scotia (RRFB), and an Excellence in Print award from the FTA.

A New Addition

PolyCello will now be able to create a superior flexographic presence with the purchase a 10-color VistaFlex flexographic press from Windmoeller & Hoelscher. The VistaFlex marks PolyCello's first investment in W&H technology.

“We continually invest in equipment to address current and projected capacity,” says Stephen Emmerson, president and CEO of PolyCello. “The quality and efficiency of this press will be second to none in North America, allowing PolyCello to continue its leadership role as one of North America’s premiere flexographic printers.”

The VistaFlex to be installed at PolyCello has a 67-inch print width, performs automatic job changeovers, sets-up and stores up to four jobs while the press is running and is capable of speeds up to 800 m/min (2624 ft/min). PolyCello will use the VistaFlex to print packaging for the frozen food, towel and tissue overwrap and pet food markets.

Delivery of the new flexographic press will be in the Fall of 2012.



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