Americhem, Inc., a global provider of custom color and additive solutions for polymer-based products, has launched its 2012-2013 beauty color trends, which reflect an exploration of global cultural influences, demographic trends and fashion-forward color predictions. These trends are divided into four seasonal themes; Delicate Memories, Kaleidoscope, World ID and Nordic Kingdoms. They reflect Americhem’s presence in a number of consumer markets, but lean heavily on couture colors that are shaping fashion runways worldwide. The colors also reflect multi-sensory influence and explore textures, scents, tastes and auditory cues as well as visual. Americhem has produced a three-dimensional book including in-depth descriptions of these four color families. The beauty color trends are designed to give brand companies and packaging producers a ‘sneak peek’ into the influences that will shape consumer preference in the next two to three years.

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