Rayven Inc., a leading provider of laminating, coating and converting services and expertise, announced the purchase and installation of a new Deacro Model C600A slitter in the company’s manufacturing facility. The new slitter is a customized version of the model C600A specially outfitted to handle narrow slit widths (0.75 to 1.25 inches) of silicon coated film release liners. The 63-inch wide Deacro brings Rayven’s slitter count up to seven machines and adds to the company’s unique converting capabilities.

In addition to increasing slitting capacity, the new C600A can produce much larger diameter rolls. The larger rolls have considerably more linear feet per roll. The longer rolls equate to less roll changes, which will increase Rayven’s efficiencies and reduce overall costs.

The unique features of the C600A allow Rayven to slit very slippery release film down to 3/4-inches wide. To accomplish this, the machine features special 3/4-inch side “quick lock” core chucks and a sophisticated “closed loop” tension control system. The slitter also features individual lay on rolls for each cut. These features combine to allow the slitter to wind narrow large diameter rolls of thin gauge film.

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