Labeling Software Makes RFID Projects Easy

Tharo Systems’ EASYLABEL labeling software features the RFID Wizard that allows you to easily create EPC (Electronic Product Code) and DoD (Department of Defense) smart labels. The RFID Wizard will prompt you for the necessary information and EASYLABEL will do the rest. RFID projects that do not require the EPC or DoD RFID code can use the software to directly program HF (High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) smart labels in a hexadecimal or ASCII format.

With EASYLABEL, you have the option to import parts or all of your RFID data from sources such as: databases, serial files, user input, existing bar code or text fields, and external text files. You may also choose to print the RFID data, encoded in the RFID tags, on your smart labels as a text or bar code field.
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Microporous PTFE Membrane Can Be Sterilized

A new microporous PTFE membrane that can be die-cut to specifications for use in a wide range of precise filtration and venting applications is being introduced by Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. of Sutton, Massachusetts.

Interstate Mupor PTFE Membrane features a three-dimensional pore structure that resists closure under pressure and comes in a wide range of pore sizes from 0.5 to 50 µm and various widths and thicknesses. Chemically inert and thermally stable, it is sterilizable by steam and EtO and can be die-cut to customer specifications for specific filtration and venting applications.

Supplied on rolls, with or without an adhesive backing, Interstate Mupor PTFE Membrane is available from 50 to 3000 µm thick in widths up to 330 mm. Robust and easy to handle, this microporous membrane has a tensile strength up to 20 N/mm2 and is USP23 approved and non-cytotoxic. Applications include frits for liquid and gas and vents for caps and closures.
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Smart Laminator System Improved Efficiency

Converters and plastics printers who handle applications involving expensive core stocks or similarly high-priced laminate films can now significantly cut material waste costs by adding the newly released Spartanics Smart Laminator-Die Cut System to their operations. The state-of-art machine intelligence of the Spartanics Smart Laminator-Die Cut System tightly synchronizes roll lamination and die cutting operations such that the typical causes of stock and laminate production waste are eliminated.

The smart sensors in the Spartanics Smart Laminator-Die Cut System provide several production line advantages, including: the elimination of core sheet waste, minimization of overlaminate waste, minimization of downtime from laminator fault conditions and it requires a single ‘lightly-trained’ operator
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New Slitter Reduces Costly Lead-Times

Rayven Inc., a leading provider of laminating, coating and converting services and expertise, announced the purchase and installation of a new Deacro Model C600A slitter in the company’s manufacturing facility. The new slitter is a customized version of the model C600A specially outfitted to handle narrow slit widths (0.75 to 1.25 inches) of silicon coated film release liners. The 63-inch wide Deacro brings Rayven’s slitter count up to seven machines and adds to the company’s unique converting capabilities.

In addition to increasing slitting capacity, the new C600A can produce much larger diameter rolls. The larger rolls have considerably more linear feet per roll. The longer rolls equate to less roll changes, which will increase Rayven’s efficiencies and reduce overall costs.

The unique features of the C600A allow Rayven to slit very slippery release film down to 3/4-inches wide. To accomplish this, the machine features special 3/4-inch side “quick lock” core chucks and a sophisticated “closed loop” tension control system. The slitter also features individual lay on rolls for each cut. These features combine to allow the slitter to wind narrow large diameter rolls of thin gauge film.
Rayven, Inc.; (800) 878-3776;

Increase Line Speeds with New Corona Treater Electrode

Are you slowing your line speed because your corona treater doesn’t deliver the dyne levels you need at faster line speeds? You can now increase your line speeds by up to 20 percent simply by installing a new electrode. QC Electronics has introduced a high powered ceramic electrode that increases the efficiency of your treater so much that it allows you to boost your line speeds by up to 20 percent without changing the power level. If you are running bare roll corona treaters, the new QC DT+XL electrode can be retrofit into your existing corona treating equipment - regardless of the manufacturer. The results are increased line speeds, increased dyne levels, and increased profits.
QC Electronics, Inc.; (608) 742-1661;

High Definition Corona Treatment Yields Superior Results

 It is not unheard of for two different corona treaters to produce the same dyne level, but yield different adhesion results. How can this be? Obviously, all corona is not created equal.

High definition corona can only be produced by specialized equipment. Enercon’s high definition corona is the result of an ingenious combination of specially constructed high powered ceramic electrodes optimized for use with Enercon’s proprietary ceramic-blend roll coating. The system provides significantly greater treatment results while providing a larger operating window for a wide range of conductive and non-conductive applications.

Enercon’s high definition surface treatment works equally well with conductive and non-conductive materials, minimizes the chances of roll covering burnout and provides the industry’s best insurance against pin holing, backside treatment and film wrinkling. All these benefits combine to provide you with a safer operating window for all of your applications.
Enercon Industries Corp.; (262) 255-6070;

UV inkjet printer

Sun Chemical debuted its SolarJet UV inkjet printer at Graph Expo in Chicago. The product is designed specifically to benefit the growing short-run, narrow-web labels market. Built in partnership with Imaging Technology International of Colorado, SolarJet offers an innovative solution for printers and converters that allows printers to produce shorter print runs quickly, cost effectively and without sacrificing quality. This is increasingly relevant to the pharmaceutical, health and beauty, industrial, electronics and FMCG markets, where printed products are updated frequently, and therefore, run lengths need to be shorter to reduce waste.

SolarJet’s inks dispersion system, and inks themselves, are unique strengths. It is equipped with the latest generation Xaar 760 printheads in CMYK, which achieve an apparent print quality of 900 x 900 dpi. Sun Chemical has used its unrivalled expertise in the ink industry to develop SolarDot pigmented UV inks, which have been designed specifically to optimise performance and deliver reliable, high-quality print on a range of substrates. The press can print at a speed of up to 25 meters (80 linear feet) per minute and is designed to fit seamlessly into conventional workflows. It offers print widths from 53mm to 160 mm (2.1 to 6.3 inches) to meet the application requirements of converters, and utilise their existing inventory of dies and converting equipment.
Sun Chemical Corp., (708) 562-0550;

Pre-printed, pre-cut labels Feature RFID Tags

Cortegra now offers a full range of pre-printed and die-cut pressure sensitive cGMP compliant labels incorporating RFID tags. These pressure sensitive labels with 100 percent readable RFID tags are delivered ready-to-use for a wide range of applications including item-level products, as well as case and pallet lots. Cortegra can also provide support to help ensure that RFID implementation is successful.

The RFID labels are part of Cortegra’s new RxTrackNSecure protective product line that make use of the latest technology in anti-diversion, anti-counterfeiting and anti-fraud printing methods to provide durable, easy-to-apply, and relatively affordable ways to guard against pharmaceutical product fraud and maintain consumer confidence and safety.
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