New form-fill-seal applications increase shelf life
Ampac Flexibles-Performance Films has introduced a new line of films that are suitable-for ambient or hot-fill vertical form-fillseal applications. The Apex 9000 VF series offers a range of coextruded films that combine heat resistance, sealability and barrier to aid in the packaging and processing of foods, liquids and powders while maintaining shelf life and product freshness. The properties allow this new family of films to address the growing needs of the foodservice industry. The VF series works well with temperature extremes ranging from frozen storage to reheating in boiling water. The Apex 9000 VF line also includes flavor and aroma barrier, which is required to maintain the organoleptic properties of food products, such as spices and flavorings. In addition, the films arerugged and can survive rough handling during distribution.
Ampac Flexibles

Fluoro-repellent products reduce environmental footprint DuPont
Capstone products are a sustainable line of fluoro-repellent products that meetor exceed market performance requirements for the packaging industry, whiledelivering a stepchange improvement in fluorine efficiency. They are used to make surface-protection products such as oil- and grease-resistant coatings for the packaging industry. The products are intended to improve stain resistance; to act as a grease- andoil-repellent; to provide additional protection for paper, paperboard and molded products. The products will not change the appearance and feel of the paper substrate and are not film-forming. Applications include bags and flexible packaging, among others.
DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise

Security solutions for tear tape packaging
Security Essentials is a package of security features that can be integrated into tear tape to give brand owners another way of protecting their products against counterfeiting.The choice of security features found in Security Essentials comprises both overt and covert technologies. They can be used individually or combined to provide a multi-layered security solution that is integrated into the tear tape. A range of technologiesare available including Microtext Print, Fine Line Print, UV (ultraviolet), Color Shift Inks and Holography. Security Essentials helps manufacturers introduce anti-counterfeitingmeasures into their brands using existing pack formats and application machinery. Since tear tape is often placed on the outer packaging, authentication can take place without interfering with the branding of the pack.
Payne Worldwide