PPCTS announces the installation of 16 ECOpure Solvent recyclers in the first half of 2011, for the recycling of dirty flexo press wash solvents. With continued sharp increases in costs of solvents, outside recycling, transportation and disposal of used solvents, in-house recycling with ECOpure Solvent Recyclers gives printers and/or flexo plate manufacturers, control over their solvent expenditures, while helping the environment, sustainability and their bottom line. By recycling in-house spent dirty solvent with the ECOpure Solvent recycler, purchases of new or recycled solvent can be decreases by approximately 95%, with a corresponding reduction of waste disposal and an ROI of less than 1 year, more typically in the 4 to 7 month range. PPCTS offers ECOpure  Solvent recyclers, in different sizes to meet each customer’s specific needs, which are certified under UL2208, Class 1 Div 1 Group Ex-proof, for Flexo Plate Developer, Flexo Press Ink System Wash-up solvents, as well as many other industrial use solvents.

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