This summer saw a flurry of new products from Martin Automatic, Sigmala, Xanté Corp. and many more.

New servo knife holder speeds up set-up
The SL50 knife holder has replaced pneumatic controls with electrically powered embedded servo motors. The result is a system that requires no manual set-up or intervention. Servo controls introduce a new concept called adaptive slippage compensation, which monitors knife wear and adjusts the side-load automatically to prevent slippage between upper and lower knife blades.<br>
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Modularity helps economically customize ERP software
Millennium III (M3) is a flexible, open, customizable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that includes modules for sales and marketing management, finance, engineering, manufacturing and production management, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory. The application specifically concentrates on the needs of small- to medium-sized companies who want to integrate their own unique processes into the software. The concurrent user-licensing program lets converters purchase and use only the number of modules and number of users that they currently need and then add functionality and other users as they grow and the need arises.
Rover Data Systems

Roll changer provides continuous, roll-to-roll productivity
The LRH automatic transfer rewind-a nonstop roll changer ideal for mid-web printing, laminating and converting processes-provides continuous, roll-to-roll productivity for a range of applications and materials, from film to paper and paperboard. Operators need only to load the cores and the LRH winds, which automatically changes and unloads full rolls.
Martin Automatic Inc.

Air adapter chucks smoothly handle core size changes
Air adapter chucks provide faster, easier and more affordable handling of core size changes without the wear or damage often associated with mechanical chucks. The pneumatic bladder design allows for smooth installation and removal. After inserting easily into cores up to 12 inches in diameter, the adapter chuck bladder is inflated with air to provide positive, high-torque core engagement.

CTP system automates prepress tasks
The PlateMaker 5 XL is a large format process-free, chemical-free polyester computer-to-plate (CTP) system that images 16-up polyester plates and paper proofs up to 914 x 1,219 millimeters (36 x 48 inches). Powered by Xanté OpenRIP Symphony 3.0, the all-in-one PDF workflow preserves file content and automates prepress tasks such as trapping and imposition.
Xanté Corp.

Drying system offers efficiency for coating patterns
Macrowave RF Drying System provides greater efficiency than conventional convection and infrared systems for the high-speed drying of water-based patterned glue and coatings in the converting industry. It selectively heats only the patterned coatings (wetted sections) on the web and leaves the bound moisture in the substrate intact, thus preventing over-drying, distortion and shrinking.
Radio Frequency Co. Inc.

UV flexo press and inks target flexible food packaging
Companies Gidue and Sun Chemical combined their expertise to create a new turnkey solution for ultraviolet (UV) flexo printed food packaging that provides cost-efficient, solvent-free and food-approved flexible film packaging. The announcement follows the Food and Drug Administration’s recent approval of direct food contact for UV or electron beam (EB) ink and coating formulations. The companies’ presentation at drupa featured Gidue’s digitally-controlled mid-web Athena press with in-line plasma treatment from Air Liquide and Softal, and inert atmosphere curing integrating air-cooled lamp modules with gas-sealing technology from Air Liquide and Gidue. It also demonstrated Sun’s Solarflex LM Inert low-migration inks.
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Sun Chemical

Dancer roller delivers repeatable tension control
The new DTI-3400 combination controller includes both dancer and load cell (transducer) inputs. It can simultaneously process signals from both a dancer roller and a pair of load cells. Control of the dancer roll is provided by the company’s unique Progressive PID circuitry, which regulates output to the unwind brake and maintains the position of the dancer arm.
The Montalvo Corp.

Screening technology allows users to configure screen settings
Staccato CX Screening and Maxtone CX Screening technologies allows users to configure Maxtone AM and Staccato FM screens to suit their printing environments. The program suite helps configure the highlight, midtone and shadow dots of both AM and FM screens.

Cost-effective antimicrobial works without discoloration
New literature describes an innovative antimicrobial masterbatch that differs from other additives of this type in forming permanent covalent bonds with the polymers in plastics. The silane-based technology is more cost-effective and faster-acting than silver-based additives without discoloration. Charts in the brochure show that tiny loadings of additive ranging from 0.1% to 1.0%, are sufficient to keep product surfaces clean and protected from damaging microorganisms.
Biosafe Inc.

Dual-razor slitter works for film and sheet extrusion
The new model DRS dual-razor slitter for film and sheet extrusion applications features numerous improvements over other commercially available slitters. Safety: The design of the DRS ensures that the dual blades are completely guarded whether they are retracted or extended, reducing the chance of operator injury. Ease of maintenance: Either of the two blades can be installed or removed simply and without tools. The DRS blades are held in place magnetically. Also, the blades can be changed without interrupting the slitting process. Interchangeability: The DRS mounts on a standard dovetail bar, so it can be used as a retrofit slitter on other non-Parkinson winders. It can also accommodate other mounting options. With a lower profile and more compact design than previous Parkinson slitters, the DRS is also designed to slit as narrow as 1.5 inches.
Parkinson Technologies Inc.

Core cutter cuts plastic and fiber cores
The A400P Automatic Core Cutter system is designed to cut both plastic and fiber cores. The A400P features a hydraulic-powered core feed and cut-off along with automated batch processing for optimum operating efficiency. New hydraulic valving results in an enhanced range of feed and cutting speeds to accommodate a range of core materials.
Appleton Manufacturing

New resin offers 50% improvement in moisture barrierSurpass HPs167-AB resin for use in barrier-film structures offers high-moisture-barrier performance-up to 50% improvement over existing resins-and the ability for packaging designers to downgauge without sacrificing performance while helping them to meet sustainability objectives. Surpass HPs167-AB resin is suitable for any multi-layer film packaging application where moisture-barrier performance and/or stiffness are important, including cereal and snack liners, meats, cheeses, ready-to-eat meals, pet foods, potting soil and other lawn and garden applications, soaps, printer cartridges and fumigation films.
NOVA Chemicals

Adhesive offers clarity of a solvent-based adhesive along with coating speed of water-based formulas
Covinax 210, an acrylic polymer-based formula, offers optical clarity and can be used on any application that requires a transparent adhesive. Covinax 210 adheres to-and easily lifts from-diverse surfaces. This adhesive performs well as a removable tape or label on most surfaces, including paper, glass, metal and plastics. It can be used for a wide range of packaging and products, from CD case labels to temporary appliance labels.
Franklin Adhesives & Polymers

Tank-mounted viscosity sensor removable for cleaning
MXBOC Viscosity Sensor is a tank mounted viscosity sensor for both water- and solvent-based applications, such as printing, glues, and adhesives that operates at atmospheric pressure, and has removable wetted parts. It is suitable for water- and solvent-based applications with tanks between 7- and 26-inches deep and operates at atmospheric pressure.  Featuring a new one-bolt mounting mechanism, the all stainless steel wetted parts can be easily removed for cleaning and sterilization without having to disturb the air or electrical connections.
Norcross Corp.

New mandrel system adapts to different core sizesThe Instant Diameter Change (IDC) mandrel system can be retrofitted to most any vintage of Appleton core cutter to provide quick changeover between different core diameters. The IDC system adapts to different core sizes by using interchangeable sleeves and cartridges with a quick-release design that requires no tools. This system can accommodate core ID’s from under 2 inches to in excess of 20 inches.
Appleton Manufacturing

Spreader rolls remove wrinkles in thin-gauge webs
WrinkleSTOP Spreader Rolls help converters and their customers offer more sustainable products because they support downgauging and thinner gauges while generating less waste. They also allow an overall increase in line speeds. WrinkleSTOP rolls remove wrinkles with no web distortion and offer edge-to-edge adjustability (from 0% to 100% spread) while the web is in motion. They also require no special tools for adjustment.
Converter Accessory Corp.
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