Di-El Tack Ltd. released a new product called Bend-Seal.  Bend-Seal a low-cost closure system that is applied in-line onto virtually any packaging material at rates of up to 400 units per minute and does not require any alteration to the existing package.  This internationally patent pending device allows for re-closing and opening a package an average of 20 times and adds only pennies to the total cost of packaging. Bend-Seal is comprised of a 5/32” x 2-1/4”metal strip attached to an adhesive strip.  After opening the package, folding the open end of the package twice causes Bend-Seal’s metal strip to effectively re-close the package by preventing the folded end from unfolding.  This product can be applied to virtually any bag material such as film and paper.  It can also be applied to any type of flexible package including pillow, stand up and tray-in-bag. 

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