With the AQUAREX blown film line, machine manufacturer Windmoeller & Hoelscher expands its blown film product range to include a line that blows film downwards and uses water instead of air to quench the bubble.  The AQUAREX opens up opportunities for blown film manufacturers to create a new spectrum of packaging products reaching beyond medical applications. Quenching the bubble with water rather than air decreases the cooling time by a factor of 30. The sudden freezing of the melt minimizes the buildup of crystallites in the plastic, thereby creating an amorphous structure with excellent optical properties. At the same time, the positive effect of biaxial stretching, which can only be achieved with the blown film process, is maintained. The results are films with completely new properties that can be used for a variety of applications. The “crystal clear” film looks more like window glass than film, in which some degree of opacity would be expected. This clarity, achieved from the shock cooling of the melt, is especially important for the production of infusion bags. Aside from the outstanding optical properties, the water quenching process also improves mechanical properties, such as puncture resistance and dart-drop-value. The highly amorphous micro structure also significantly improves sealability.

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