Toray Plastics (America), Inc., the only United States manufacturer of precision-performance polyester, polypropylene and bio-based films, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its line of Torayfan TreaTear directional-tear polypropylene sealant films, introduced in 2010 for retort applications, to include Torayfan TreaTear LT52 and LT72 films for non-retort applications. Today CPGs and converters can manufacture attractive stand-up pouches that provide an effortless, precise straight-line tear across the package every time, as well as offer improved rigidity and clarity. In addition, the polypropylene films perform as a drop-in sealant film for LDPE sealant web applications. The new films also enable flexibility with the overall lamination design, as well as compatibility with zippers, spouts and other reclosable features. Available as thin as 30 microns (1.2 mil), TreaTear films offer yield advantages over the traditional 60- or 70-gauge sealant films and source reduction benefits without compromise to rigidity or tactile properties. In addition, the LT52 film’s low haze provides four to five times better clarity than the traditional LDPE sealant films, making it ideal for window applications. The LT72 film’s low seal initiation temperature (SIT) makes it suitable for pouches made with BOPP laminations.

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