The new TCHP TrueCoat slot applicators from Nordson Corporation provide exceptional stripe or full coating application accuracy in continuous web coating processes. Streak-free coverage and excellent edge control make the TCHP particularly beneficial for labeling and tape applications. The compact, configurable design is ideal for coating a wide variety of substrates including papers, foils, films and nonwoven materials.TrueCoat slot applicators are a simple, V-shaped body design that provides flexible setup of web routing and guidance. Fast pattern changes are achieved with quick-change, replaceable slot nozzles. The flexibility and functionality of the TCHP slot applicator is expanded with capability to quickly, easily change between traditional slot nozzle and rotating bar nozzle technologies. Additionally, TrueCoat slot applicators are easy to maintain, featuring quick-change filters and modules as well as flange-on solenoids. A new nozzle clamping design provides quick removal of dies for servicing. Optional anti-stick surface coating eases cleaning.

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