Tension controls manufacturer Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc has added a small diameter (2.25 inches) roll to its Tension Roll and Narrow Web tension transducer lines specifically for smaller, lower-tension web applications.

A cantilever-mounted Narrow Web transducer mounts in the web path on a single-frame machine. It consists of an idler roll and two built-in tension sensors in a single unit-for easy installation and accurate tension signal output.

Load ratings for these transducers run from 12 up to 400 pounds. When combined with a Dover Flexo amplifier, indicator or controller customers experience an operating range of 50:1. Units are constructed from aluminum and stainless steel with a choice of roll finish. Each transducer type is available in a range of widths to accommodate webs from 6” (152mm) on up. Several mounting options are available.


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