Flexco introduces the Novitool Ply 130 Ply Separator, a tool designed to easily split a variety of thermoplastic belts. The easy-to-operate Ply 130 features robust construction, as well as consistent results for both finger-over-finger and stepped splice preparation in only one pass. With the Ply 130, only two adjustments need to be made before the job starts – setting the blade position where the fabric layers need to be separated and setting the depth minimum or maximum.

The robust construction of the Ply 130 features a rigid, solid housing. Users can separate as little as 0.14inches (0.35 milimeters), drive rollers are captured on both ends for stability and the Ply 130 can either be moved to a specific location or mounted to a workbench. One of the biggest advantages of the Ply 130 is that it can split the plies as deep as 5.1inches (130 milimeters) in only one pass.

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