Designed specifically to meet the needs of a narrow web, tag and label printer, the Sun Chemical Dispenser Program, in partnership with GFI Innovations, was created to help manage what has typically resulted in an overabundance of spot color inventories at print shops and to reduce the possibility of using the wrong spot color. The program provides in-house ink dispensing, and gives printers the ability to mix the exact amount of ink that they need, when they need it. As a best case scenario when participating in the dispenser program, a printer has decreased their overall ink spend by up to 35 percent when blending the inks in-house and up to 46 percent if the blended inks were directly purchased.  Printers that participate in the program can receive the savings and a GFI dispensing unit along with color repeatability and accuracy, to within .001/lb (.0004/kg), of their colors.

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