Ampac, one of FP’s Top 25 Converters, introduces the No. 2 Pouch, a stand up pouch with excellent stiffness and strength characteristics as well as the ability to be recycled with retail shopping bags. Ampac is also one of the first to introduce the How2Recycle Label program developed by nonprofit GreenBlue and its Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC).

This newest innovation is the first recyclable stand-up pouch produced by Ampac. The pouch is predominantly high density polyethylene resulting in Resin Identification Code Number 2 and HDPE+, as well as the SPC plastic bag “Store Drop-off” recycling label.

Responding to requests for more environmentally friendly packaging materials, Ampac created the No. 2 Pouch to be more compatible with existing post-consumer recycled waste streams. When clean and dry, the No. 2 Pouch can be recycled with plastic retail shopping bags collected at many stores across the U.S. in conjunction with the How2Recycle Label initiative and the American Chemistry Council’s Flexible Film Recycling Group.