A new pull-on chuck from core cutting machinery manufacturer CoreTech International automatically recognizes the core, latches on and pulls it down the mandrel hands-free. In tandem with a V-lifter to raise the core, the CoreTech pull-on chuck enables a single operator to safely raise, mount and load the parent core for cutting with virtually no human contact with the core. Operated via Allen-Bradley PLC controls by pressing start and walking away, the new pull-on chuck upgrades worker safety while eliminating core contamination, scratches and scuffs due to manual handling and/or to contact with the drive base wheels. Ideal for loading paper, fiber, plastic and other converting cores up to 120 inches in length, the CoreTech pull-on chuck is available on the company’s CT-10 Automatic core cutter and on the CT-10 Servo core cutter as an option, as well as on its factory remanufactured core cutting machines.

CoreTech International
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