Makrofol 3D Metallic FG film boasts a high-quality metallic gloss. It is also the first film of its kind that can be cold-formed. The chrome-colored polycarbonate film provides an alternative to the traditional screen-printed mirror finish for films and the electroplating of plastic moldings. Electroplating systems are cost intensive in terms of investment, maintenance and staff, and they are often ecologically unsound due to the unavoidable use of chemical baths. Waste resulting from surface defects also has a negative impact on the costs. Moreover, the electroplated metal coating also shields components against electromagnetic radiation. A film insert molding (FIM) process can be used to process the film into three-dimensional components with a metallic gloss effect. The new film can becold-formed in a high-pressure forming (HPF) process-without losing its gloss. Itcan be overmolded and back-injected and printed on both sides with good graphicquality. A special coating protects the metallic effect layer against scratching.
Bayer Films Americas; 866-659-9023;

Heidelberg USA introduced a new line of Saphira press and roller care chemistry products to the U.S. market. These products are part of a portfolio of consumables for pre-press, press and post-press-including standard print jobs and special applications. All Saphira consumables have been optimized and tested for use in Heidelberg solutions, and help users benefit from the range of functions the equipment offers. The four newsolutions include: the Saphira Presswash Conventional Ink, a cleaning solvent for use in automatic blanket and roller washing systems for all Heidelberg presses; the SaphiraChrome Roller Cleaner, a maintenance cleaner developed for consistent use with the Heidelberg dampening system; the Saphira Roller Paste, a high-technology cleaning paste used for deep cleaning of inking rollers; and the Saphira Calcium Rinse, a specialrinse developed to dissolve calcium deposits in rollers.
Heidelberg USA; 888-472-9655;

Research conducted by Enercon Industries shows high-definition corona provides positive results for a number of critical applications. Enercon’s “H” system creates higherdyne levels, superior adhesion and a larger operating window than ordinary corona generating systems. High-definition corona is produced by the combination of high-powered electrodes and a high-performance roll covering. Enercon’s “H” systemfeatures specially constructed ceramic electrodes optimized for use with a ceramic blend roll covering. This duo generates smoother, higher density and more uniform corona, ultimately leading to superior treatment and better adhesion. The high-definitioncorona system delivers premium results on conductive and non-conductive materials, minimizes the chance of roll covering burnout and offers insurance against pin holing, backside treatment and film wrinkling.
Enercon Industries Corp.; 262-255-6070;

The Esko Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) Spark 4260 Auto, a new addition to thefamily of digital imagers for flexo plates, is built for automated plate loading, imaging and unloading. Thus, the CDI Spark 4260 Auto becomes a real plate-making factory with a significant increase in productivity for flexible packaging trade shops, as well as high-volume converters. The added automation tools reduce previously required handling steps and remove potential sources of error. Able to process three full-size digital flexoplates at once, the CDI Spark 4260 Auto addresses the requirements of the highest quality flexo applications, primarily targeting flexible packaging and folding carton markets. With the Optics 80 fiber laser with multibeam optics, the Esko CDI 4260 Auto delivershigh throughput and flexibility at a maximum speed of up to eight miles per hour, with fully variable resolution imaging. In 12 minutes, it images a full size 42 x 60 inches/1,067 x 1,524-millimeter plate of any thickness.
EskoArtwork; 937-454-1721;

The Montalvo Corp. has developed a digital interface for its CB-64 circuit board. The new interface, the MDI-1, connects to the circuit board with a CAT5e cable and provides remote access to the functions of the CB-64. The CB-64 powers dancer, load celland combination tension controllers manufactured by Montalvo. It can be configured to operate unwind, rewind and intermediate tension zone processes. The MDI-1 is easy to install, has versatile mounting hardware options, allows remote access and can be located up to 50 feet from the controllers for the convenience of machine operators. It features a four-line character display and LED indicators. It works directly with the Montalvo CB-64 circuit board, which features industrial standard fieldbus connections, web break detection, inertia compensation and has an RS-232 interface.
The Montalvo Corp.; 800-226-8710;

Developed for the global marketplace, Model 1270GBM Global Bag Machine features high-speed rotary sealing technology, Allen-Bradley controls and a durable design.Designed to fit in a standard ocean freight container for economical shipping, the Model 1270GBM features metric design and is CE- and ISO-certified. The compact footprint saves on space and energy usage and provides a simplified web path for easy film thread-up and improved process control. Bag and film converters can use the flexible Global Bag System for a range of bag sizes and lengths, in side or bottom sealed configurations with sealing widths up to 50 inches (1,270 millimeters) and seal repeats from 15 inches(381 mm) minimum to 147 inches (3,734 mm) maximum. The system offers efficient production speeds up to 600 feet per minute (183 meters per minute) and is suitable for avariety of bag applications, including trash bags; can, bin and wastebasket liners; T-shirt bags; lawn and leaf bags; largefurniture covers; supermarket produce bags; and printed bags.
CMD; 920-730-6888;

The new 983v2 Static Locator lightweight pocket-sized device provides an accurate measurement of static electrical charges over a range of voltages. This new locator has been developed for use by production, maintenance, inspection and quality engineers and its innovative design means that it is suitable for use on any material where static is an issue. The Model 983v2 Static Locator features a “continuous” mode that can measure fluctuation in charge levels, while the highest charge can be detected with the “peak hold” mode enabled. With an integral distance meter, a clear indication of the correctoperating range is given and this means that all readings will be both accurate and consistent. For further versatility, there is a large, highcontrast LCD screen with digitaldisplay that allows the locator to be used in all lighting conditions. Measurement range of the new locator is -200kV to +200kV at a distance of 150 millimeters, with a resolution of 100V and an accuracy of better than +/- 5% on calibration. All units are supplied with an individual calibration certificate for quality control (QC) records. Constructed in astrong plastic housing for high durability, the Model 983v2 is also supplied with an instrument case for safe and clean storage.
Meech Static Eliminators USA Inc.; 330-564-2000;

ICEgreen is a moderate pH aqueousbased cleaning solution and degreaser that is biodegradable, non-combustible and safer for people and surfaces than other hazardous chemical-based cleaners. The product is suitable for the safe and efficient removal of UV, solvent and water-based inks and coatings from anilox rolls, plates, doctor blades,printing presses and floors. ICEgreen also performs well in a cleaning tank or soak system and is suitable for immersing plates and cleaning anilox rolls in troughs or containers. It can also be applied to rolls and plates onpress. It is easily applied by using aspray bottle, or may be wiped on using a cloth soaked in the solution. ICEgreen is concentrated and may be diluted up to 1:32 with water depending on your cleaning needs.
International Converting Equipment Inc.; 416-717-1846;

A dual-pedestal unwind upgrade is available as an inexpensive alternativeto complete machine replacement. It is offered in single-, dual- and multistationconfigurations. The company’s building block approach emphasizes modular design, thus allowing this unwind to be ordered in simple and complex configurations. The unwind/rewind is a bolt-in-place system engineered for rapid installation. It may include CAC safety chucks, CORLOK air shafts and CAC air brakes. Options also include an integrated web guide system, tension controls and custom mounting configurations. ThisCAC unwind/rewind system is capable of handling roll widths of 3 to 120 inches and diameters up to 80 inches in weights to 3,000 pounds. Speed capabilities are up to 2,000 feet per minute.
Converter Accessory Corp.; 800-433 2413;

Expanded line of IndraLogic PLCs now includes the new IndraControl L10 PLC,which features scalable hardware, predeveloped machine functions, reusable code and unified programming software to reduce engineering time for machine builders who work with complex machines. The product is suitable for printing, converting, packaging andother industries. The OPC-compliant IndraControl L10 also features a full megabyte of program storage space along with an Ethernet port for remote access or SCADA functionality at one of the lowest prices in the market. The added memory allows machine builders to run larger and more complex programs or different applications without the need for multiple PLCs.
Bosch Rexroth; 630-654-0170;

Double E sliding safety chucks are safer, easier to operate and more rugged than tilting designs. They can be flange- or foot-mounted, fixed or with sidelay adjustment. Sidelay adjustment chucks and rotary tables are available to compensate for misalignmentand/or baggy web edges, and a fixed drive shaft option is available. A fixed drive shaft is often helpful on rewinds using belt or gear driven motors. All models can be manufactured for pneumatic operation. This solution is suitable when accessibility is difficult and/or unsafe for the operator. A large piston works as a double-acting aircylinder to open and close the chucks. Proximity sensors can be integrated withthe machine’s controls to ensure that the chucks are closed before the machineruns, and to ensure the chucks are oriented correctly for safe unloading.
Double E International llc ; 508-588-8099;

Max, the service and support team of Mark Andy Inc., offers an aftermarket program to help customers achieve reduced cycle times in narrow web print applications. Keco brand highperformance non-stick coating technology is available on EZ clean ink pans and traction release idler rolls, resulting in a partnership between Max and Keco Coatings tooffer the Process Improvement Coating Program. This program provides existing equipment owners the opportunity to purchase coated ink pans and idler rolls, customized to their Comco or Mark Andy press. The Process Improvement Coating Program is a time-saving, cost-cutting measure for converters. With this program, the converter sends existing, non-coated pans and rolls to Max for treatment. Newly coated pans arereturned in a timely manner, allowing the converter to remain in full operation while the pans are being coated. Within a few weeks, the converter can be fully equipped with a complete, non-stick program. In lieu of sending existing pans and rolls for treatment, converters can request new Keco coated pans and rolls by calling Max.
Mark Andy Inc.; 800-700-6275;