Method Home bamboo-fiber wipes debut in a flat flex pack

Fans of Method Home’s minimalist packaging should be pleased to see that the brand is investing in making its packaging and its products as renewable as possible. Method Home’s new all-surface wipes are made using are non-toxic, compostable bamboo fibers that biodegrade safely. The packaging for the wipes is made from a single material (polypropylene) to be more easily recycled. The structure is oriented polypropylene (OPP) and cast PP (specifically: 70 gauge matte OPP/2 mil CPP) with a polypropylene fitment for dispensing. For recycling, optical sorters will be able to recognize this material. The flat pack provides good billboard space for shelf impact. Gravure printing allows for nice gradation of colors. The flat pack is also easy to stack. Retailers are able to fit more products in the allotted space on store shelves. Additionally, this new pack saves 60% of materials versus the typical “wipes” rigid canister package.
Method Home,

MicroPack delivers nutritional and convenient foods

MicroPack self-venting packaging offers the convenience of cooking fresh or frozen foods in the microwave, from veggies and soups to rice and entrees. As consumers continue to demand healthy yet convenient foods (such as microwavable vegetables), processors are becoming more interested in switching to steamer bags. MicroPack runs on conventional packaging equipment: There is no need to refit or modify existing packaging equipment. The product allows steam to build, cooking the contents and safely venting the steam near the end of the cooking process. Consumers don’t need knives or scissors to vent or open the bag, and can be less concerned about sloppy handling or burns from escaping steam.