Cheer Pack pouch, shrink labels for First Juice; Easy-open PushPop pack

Cheer Pack pouch saves space, reduces waste
The Cheer Pack pouch features an easy-flow straw with a reclosable, tamper-evident,
screw-on top. The wide straw can accommodate product with a range of viscosities. The reclosable, screw-on cap is also child-safe. The pouch is made from a multilayer laminate
material. It has an outer layer of polyester that lends well to high-resolution graphics printing. The layer of aluminum foil offers barrier properties; another layer of polyester was added for shock and pressure resistance. A final, internal layer of polyethylene was
integrated for direct food contact. The extra layers offer better insulation than traditional bottles, as the pouches can become cold more quickly and can stay cold longer, making them suitable for frozen products. Applications for the Cheer Pack pouch include sports drinks, nutritional energy gels, fruit juices, tea, ice cream, pureed fruit, yogurt, mayonnaise, salad dressing, inks, shampoo, lotion, cosmetics and many others.
Cheer Pack North America llc; 800-443-1920;

Organic juice for toddlers gains shelf appeal with shrink label
Seal-It has printed two distinctive shrink labels for the launch of First Juice, the first organic fruit and vegetable juice beverage for toddlers. First Juice is sold in two sizes. An 8-ounce recyclable, spill-proof sippytop container offers on-the-go convenience with an all-in-one combination shrink label and tamper-evident band. For home use, the 32-ounce size has a full sleeve-shrink label covering the bottle from top to bottom. Both shrink labels conform to the shape of the container and are flexographically printed in eight colors on heat shrink polyethylene terephthalate gly (PETG).
Seal-It, Div. of Printpack Inc., 404-691-5830;

Easy-open PushPop pack pleases consumers
The Swedish Rheumatism Association has gathered more than 100,000 signatures to
encourage retailers to increase the prominence of easy-to-open packaging. Consumers, particularly those with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, look for packaging that can be
opened without using a knife or a scissors. In response to this trend, the Swedish food company Scan AB launched two products, such as delicatessen meatballs, featuring Amcor's PushPop design. The packaging allows the consumer to push in the special perforation on the top side, pop the pack open and access the meatballs. The pack can be reclosed using a label placed at the bottom of the pack. The entire surface, including
the top and the bottom of the pack, is available for printing and labeling. The wide opening is convenient for any product that is consumed directly from the pack.
Amcor Flexibles Food; +32 2416 2611 (Belgium);