Flexible Packagingtalks with Comexi about improvements, challenges and new developments in slitters/rewinders.

Randy Wolf, director of business development, Comexi

Randy Wolf, director of business development, Comexi

Q: What are your customers asking for in the latest slitters/rewinders?

A: All customers are asking for increased productivity through a lower investment cost. Along with this, they require reduced downtime, shorter cycle times, longer warranty periods and online servicing.

Q: How do manufacturers of slitters/rewinders address concerns about operator/employee safety?

A:All Comexi machines meet and exceed all OSHA [Occupational Safety & Health Administration] and EC [European Commission] standards. We have been proactive in addressing these safety concerns.

Q: What improvements are being made in slitters/rewinders that promote faster speeds without sacrificing accuracy in web control?

A:Speed is only one aspect of a slitter/rewinder’s purpose. At Comexi, we also focus intently on the cycle time of the machines. You can have the fastest slitter/rewinder in the world but if you can’t get the finished rolls on and off, what good is the speed? We have designed machines with shorter cycle times through automation. Even our lowest cost machines promote increased productivity through shorter cycle times without sacrificing quality.

Q: What are the biggest challenges during the slitting/rewinding process and how do you respond to them?

A:The biggest challenge is integrating the operator into the process. Many converters will introduce new operators into the slitting process. The solution for these challenges is through technology that is simple to use. Having the ability to store all of the important job settings into the computer on the machine ensures that all of the operators are on the same path to success.

Q: What advancements in materials or machine parts are being made to preserve or extend a part’s or an entire machine’s longevity/usefulness?

A:Machines that are simple and well-built through design are more reliable than those that employ complicated methods to achieve the same desired results. At Comexi, we build machines that simply work to insure the machines longevity and productivity for many years.

Q: What energy-reducing steps are being taken toward promoting greater efficiency in slitters/rewinders?

A:Numerous advancements in technology have allowed for the total redefining of the slitting process. These advancements are all geared to promoting a more efficient workflow process through the slitting department. The sole purpose is to maximize productivity and efficiency using less manpower and energy to produce the final slit rolls.

Q: What does the future hold for slitting/rewinding?

A:Just-in-time production will involve a totally integrated converting process. For example, the materials start at the press or laminator, progress straight through to the slitter/rewinder and then onto the customer by means of an automatic material handling system. This totally integrated system offered by the Comexi Group will insure that our customers are indeed “Ready for the Future.”

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