John Signet, director of marketing, ACTEGA WIT.

Q. How does the flexible packaging marketing look in 2010?

A: ACTEGA WIT (formerly Water ink Technologies) sees the current market in recovery from last years’ low-growth position.  Most market segments are showing growth from narrow web, wide web and corrugated. We are cautiously waiting to see if this trend will continue through the rest of 2010 and into 2011. In June we began the process of combining our operations with those of ACTEGA Radcure. The combined company will be called ACTEGA WIT and offer a complete line of inks, coatings and adhesives, including laminating adhesives for flexible packaging.

Q: What are you hearing from customers?

A: Our customers today are seeking ways to improve productivity with current equipment. We work closely with them on programs that support this goal. We provide on-site analysis of ink and printing operations and help the converter evaluate areas for improvement. To achieve this, we feel it is important to provide our customers with the most consistent, highest quality product that enables them to reduced waste and set up faster. We’ve developed manufacturing and quality procedures that ensure batch-to-batch color accuracy to the highest tolerance possible. The results are printed on the product label so customers can easily verify the consistency and accuracy of the color when it arrives at their plant. In the end printers and converters achieve more uptime and less downtime.

Q: Can you point to a recent breakthrough your company has introduced? 

A: One of the most impactful developments in recent years has been in UV inks and coatings. ACTEGA WIT has developed a complete line of UV inks and coatings with operator health and safety in mind. Our PharmaFlex line does not contain aggressive skin sensitizers or other toxic chemicals that may be found in many of the UV products on the market today. Specifically, PharmaFelx UV inks and coatings are free of benzophenone, ITX, TMPTA, HODDA and other chemicals that are known to be health concerns. In fact, our PharmaFlex products tested by a nationally recognized packaging lab have demonstrated ultra-low levels of migration through commonly used films and lidding material. Plus independent lab tests have shown our products to be in compliance with all heavy metals standards. Customers are assured that their employees and customers are using the safest product on the market today. We see the health and safety issue growing in importance as witnessed by recent product recalls, especially in children’s toys.

Q: In what segment of flexible packaging do you see the best opportunities?

A: One area where we are seeing growth is in the narrow web printing and converting of pouches. The short-run capabilities provided by narrow-web converters is finding applications in specialty pouch products and products with multiple stock-keeping units. Within our product line converters are using our laminating adhesives plus our low-migration overprint varnishes and adhesives. 

ACTEGA  WIT, Inc.