Something old, something new in Flexible Packaging As we all know, so much of what consumers use includes packaging. Packaging has the ability to push the sale or end it in the store. It’s important for the industry to explore new and exciting packaging options for sure. 

What’s so fascinating to me is that packaging can make or break a sale – through its graphics, size and texture. However, consumers will often tear right into it to get to what’s inside, hardly giving it a second thought unless the experience proves either frustrating or particularly pleasing. But they can’t possibly know all of the engineering, design, testing, innovation and technology that went into each and every flexible packaging material. Those are the essential behind-the-scenes aspects we report on in detail in every issue. 

To highlight a few components of flexible packaging’s technology, FP has prepared the October 2010 issue that includes a revealing Ink article for the cover story on page 24. Contributing writer Leah Genuario spoke with some of you who offered FP insights into this crucial side of the industry. We believe it is a strong piece, and we hope you do as well. Executive editor Rick Lingle and I have fielded a number of Q&As conducted with industry experts, which include roller technology, extrusion technologies and bag- and pouch-making trends. And associate editor Jennifer Welbel has prepared Converter News and Supplier News to keep you apprised of the industry’s updates and, with our Hot Products section, the latest product introductions. 

You may notice that I am a fresh face to the industry. My hope as the new editor-in-chief of Flexible Packaging is to bring you, our readers, information that you will find informative, efficient, cutting edge, interesting, and above all, helpful. If we are missing a trend or a story, I’d like to hear about it – and I really do mean that. Please contact me directly with your thoughts and ideas.  

In the coming months, I will be attending trade shows to learn more from everyone I meet and every new machine and product I see to get to know this industry step-by-step and show-by-show. To those I recently met at LabelExpo, thank you for being so kind and welcoming. I will be attending Graph Expo and Pack Expo International this month, so be sure to contact me for an appointment. If you see me, please introduce yourself and slip me a business card. To those I have yet to meet, I look forward to shaking your hand and hearing your professional stories.

Please keep the dialogue open.