The new bag converting line includes the CMD 1400DBS clamp-stacking, bottomseal bag converting system with a 7208BPG bubble post gusseter, 7207BSS bubble slit sealer and a 4063UCD parent-roll unwind.

When Polykar took a world view of the plastic bag and packaging market, the company made strategically-sound decisions to protect itself and its 60+ employees from the hungry pack of foreign competitors.

Doing both extrusion and conversion, Polykar has annual capacity of 25 million pounds with average monthly production of 25 million bags and 120,000 cases. As one of the top three manufacturers of industrial and institutional garbage bags and food packaging in Canada, its main divisions offer waste management solutions, food packaging solutions, polyethylene film and recycling services, selling only in Canada through a network of distributors of sanitation products, food products and packaging. They have received “supplier of the year” honors from several of the major buying groups to which they sell.

A New Installation

“We offer exceptional quality, service and product variety and with our newest equipment investment from CMD we can ensure cost-saving efficiency, which keeps our prices low,” says Amir Karim, vice president of business development.

The company recently installed a CMD 1400DBS clamp-stacking, bottom seal bag converting system, which accepts web widths up to 54 inches (1371 mm). The Polykar line features integrated slit-sealing and gusseting. The system can run up to 8 lanes at 140 cycles per minute or over 1,000 bags per minute.
“The start-up was quick. CMD engineers and technicians are excellent consultants when it comes to process efficiency,” says Karim. “We have found the system to be a real work-horse; operating 24/7 and living up to CMD’s reputation of robust reliability.”

Along with the multiple-lane capability, the system handles film gauges from .25 mil star-seal folded material to 8 mil non-gusseted tubing sheeting; gusseted or non-gusseted bags. The line runs bulk packaging products: bread bags, freezer bags, pound bags, trash bags and general use bags.

“The ability to shift gears quickly and handle frequent job changes efficiently was very important to Polykar,” says David Andrews, CMD regional sales manager. “With quick delivery and installation, plus a very effective training program, Polykar hit the ground running – offering product versatility, high quality and competitive pricing.” He notes that Polykar’s choice of CMD equipment fits well with their corporate vision to be the Canadian leader in the manufacturing of polyethylene film, garbage bags and food packaging.

“Polykar is a remarkable company, with a visionary stance on sustainable products and manufacturing,” Andrews says. “CMD’s long-lasting, safe, highly-efficient equipment fits well with that vision.”

A Fan of the Machinery Manufacturer

“We had several choices for a bottom seal bag making system,” notes Karim. “We chose CMD because we are familiar with their quality and service, and we know they support their equipment with technology upgrades for peak performance for years to come.”

Polykar also has a CMD 5213ED Extended-Dwell Rotary Bag Machine and a CMD 1113 Coreless Bag Winder. The system runs up to 600 feet per minute (183 meters per minute) and is used to produce Polykar’s high-density star seal trash bags.

With wise equipment investments, a focus on product quality and innovation, a unique vision and exemplary corporate integrity, Polykar is well-positioned for the future. Their 240,000 sq. ft. site includes a new production facility, which will be LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED is an internationally recognized environmental certification for buildings and was created to define a universal standard for “green buildings” while promoting the benefits of environmental design and construction. They are the first plastic bag manufacturer in Canada to have both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

 “Polykar will continue to grow, but strategically and by adhering to our core values,” notes Karim. “CMD aligns well with our vision because they also have a focus on innovation and the integrity to stand by their customers.”

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