Dharmisth Patel, president of Mamata USA, offered his thoughts on the pouch- and bag-making trends.

Q: What is in highest demand for Mamata right now?

A: At Mamata, our ability to offer complete solutions for various valued-added applications in bag- and pouch-making has made Mamata the supplier of choice in global markets. Our ability to use state-of-the-art technology to develop and manufacture machines and offer excellent cost-conversion equations to the market has been the reason for our success on a global platform.

Since we address demands of both the polybag industry and the flexible packaging industry with our wide range of machines, all machine platforms are modular in design and can adapt to a wide variety of attachments. To quote an example, we have recently sold a polybag machine that is a combination of a pouch machine and a bag machine, and can make a pouch as well as conventional side seal, bottom seal or twin seal polybag on the same machine.

Q: What challenges do you see facing companies in this market?

A: These days, converters are demanding machines that are quick, flexible and versatile to adapt to a large variety of bag and pouch styles. Technology platforms that are able to adapt quickly to changeovers and are able to handle a wide variety of films and bag/pouch styles are preferred.

Q: How do see flexible packaging converters addressing those challenges?

A: To address the requirements of converters, Mamata offers a few key solutions.

Our pouch machine platform offers ability to convert straight polyethylene films with the same ease aslaminates. These pouch machines are designed to make a variety of pouches, be it three-sided seal pouches, press-to-close zipper pouches or slider zipper applications.

They can also create stand-up pouches from single web and inserted bottom gussets as well as side-gusseted pouches from single-web, center fin-seal and lap-seal pouches. The latest addition is ability to make side-gusseted-press-to-close/slider zipper pouches, which will be exhibited at this month’s Pack Expo.

Mamata’s universal bag machine’s modular construction allows customers to perform a quick changeover from side seal to bottom seal or mix seal bags. It also allows them to add a host of attachments to make value-added bags, like soft-loop handle bags, patch handle bags, garment bags, zipper bags from PE/polypropylene films, security/courier bags and envelopes, sine-wave top bags, die-cut handle bags, header seal bags. It is an extremely versatile machine.

Our wicketers are preferred for their capability to run reclosable zipper polybags at speeds of up to 250 bags per minute. It also converts conventional wicketed bags at up to 380 cycles per minute or square/round bottom bags at up to 300 cycles per minute.

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