The Titan SR9-DT Dual Turret slitter rewinder with electronic unloading system Turret Support Device (patented) enables faster turret rotation and reduces shaft fatigue.

The constant quest for improved productivity and profitability through reduced machine downtime and reduction of waste remains the most important priority of any converter in today’s flexible materials market.

Whether wide web flexo, gravure printing, coating and laminating or slitting/rewinding, all processes need to achieve an acceptable return on investment and capital employed.

After printing, coating, or laminating, most flexible materials proceed to the slitting department for further processing. Enter Titan slitter rewinders. For almost half a century, Titan has been at the forefront of slitting and rewinding technology and has built on this vast experience over the years to develop some of the most successful solutions available in the slitter rewinder market.

The next generation Titan SR9 Series slitter rewinder from Atlas Converting Equipment not only introduces a new technology platform for higher performance and improved productivity, but also provides a more flexible and sustainable solution in slitting and rewinding.

Focused Development

In the development of the Titan SR9 Series, Atlas focused its product development strategy on achieving significant reductions for converters in machine downtime, including reduced set change time, lower operator intervention and also reduction of costly waste materials, which all add up to outstanding gains in productivity.

The presence of Atlas and Titan in the US market is soon to be strengthened with the launch of its new Slitter Rewinder Demonstration Center in Charlotte, N.C., where customers will be able to see demos of the new Titan SR9 Series slitter and also to request performance trials using their own materials. The new Demo Center facility will be inaugurated in September 2012.

The concept of the Titan SR9 Series technology platform features 3 separate machine modules of unwind, slitter and rewind sections. The idea being that a converter only need change the rewind section of the slitter from a Dual Shaft (DS) to a Single Turret (ST) or Dual Turret (DT) configuration, without the need to change the existing unwind and slitting modules. The DS and DT formats are already available with the ST module ready for early next year. The SR9 Series is available in two widths, 65 and 88 inches (1650 and 2250 mm).

Innovation for Slitting/Rewinding

Innovative engineering design has led to application for 4 patents on the Titan SR9-DT model, including the unique Turret Support Device (TSD) for faster turret rotation. Such advanced designs have led to significant improvements in quality of slit reels, reduction of set-up time and increased productivity. The Linear Tracking Slitter (LTS) section ensures the shortest and a constant web length between the knives and the rewind shafts for improved web control giving the highest possible side wall quality of rewind reels and also reducing the possibility of waste material.

Between all three versions of the Titan SR9 platform, many other new features provide exceptional performance and productivity at speeds of up to 3,300 ft/min (1,000 m/min). Acceleration Speed Control (ASC) and Predictive Stopping Control (PSC) ensure the fastest acceleration and stopping to minimise machine downtime.

Knife Positioning Systems (KPS3) from a manual Positive Positional Device to semi-automatic and fully automatic (male and female) knife positioning meet all production demands. A pre-setting system ensures all running parameters are ready from the first set, again reducing operator intervention.

The time required for reel set changes is greatly reduced with the Rewind Core Positioning (RCP3) system using either laser, servo or a fully automated system. The Rewind Clamp Cut-off mechanism (RCC) automatically cuts all rewind reel tails, saving operator intervention for either the DS or DT rewind modules. The Automatic Tape Down (ATD) system then secures all tails to the rewind reels and new cores, enabling a fast re-start.

To maintain focus on its objectives for sustainability, the Titan SR9 Series has many features for achieving reductions in the use of energy and of waste materials.

The Guider Knife Positioning (GKP2) system not only saves time in setting up the knives but also significantly reduces the amount of wasted material pulled through the slitter for web alignment.

The SR9 Series features a Moving Splice Table (MSTV), which is ergonomically positioned at the unwind to enable fast, accurate and minimal waste removal, with precise splicing.

Elimination of all hydraulics on the SR9 Series has helped to provide a cleaner environment and a considerable reduction in energy consumption. The use of high efficiency motors and regenerative braking makes the SR9 Series the most energy efficient slitter in the Titan range.

In short, the Titan SR9 Series is set to smash all productivity records and provides a genuinely flexible and sustainable new approach to slitting and rewinding.

A new service platform for both the Atlas and Titan range of slitter rewinders is now in place, providing expanded global customer service and support operations, with engineers not only based in Charlotte, but also in the UK, India and China, confirming its position as a global supplier providing complete customer satisfaction.

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