Color Ad Packaging, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba has placed a sizeable order with Windmoeller & Hoelscher and its subsidiary, Garant Machinenhandel, including a HELIOSTAR gravure press, a MIRAFLEX flexographic press, along with three TRIUMPH bag machines.


Serving primarily confectionery, snack food and beverage markets, Color Ad Packaging is North America’s largest producer of pre-formed bags as well as a leading supplier of pouches and rollstock. The new printing presses and bag making equipment will enhance Color Ad's existing line-up of machinery allowing for additional capacity and product development. 


"The decision to work with W&H as the primary supplier for our new equipment came at the conclusion of an exhaustive six-month process. Our research and the support of the team at W&H left no other conclusion but to partner with this industry leader," says Chip Batten, president and CEO.


Color Ad management sees this investment not only as a commitment to their current and future customers, but also to their employees. "By providing our staff with state-of-the-art machinery, we enhance their ability to produce the absolute best print and flexible packaging products for our customers," says CEO, Chip Batten.


Preparations are well underway for installation of the MIRAFLEX CM 10 with a 52-inch working width. The press is equipped with EASY COL color matching system, TURBOCLEAN automatic wash-up system, along with the new EAST SET HD for impression setting and 3D plate topography.


The HELIOSTAR SL 10 that will be installed this fall has a 48" working width and is the first W&H gravure press in North America to be installed with automatic wash-up.


Also being installed are the three new TRIUMPH bag formers. These highly versatile machines are used in the production of a variety of square bottom bags.


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