Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., LTD has determined that it will establish Toyo SC Trading Co., LTD. as a subsidiary that will work as a general trading company for theToyo Ink Group as of July 2011.

The new company will cooperate with group companies in Japan and overseas to undertake imports and exports of products from Group companies such as Toyo Ink Co., LTD. and Toyo Chem Co., LTD., raw materials, indirect materials, and facilities in an integrated manner. By integrating the import and export operations, which were formerly undertaken separately by individual group companies, into this new subsidiary, the Group aims to create a global synergy network and undertake procurement and sales activities efficiently.

In addition, the company positions Toyo SC Trading as a general trading company, which is actively introducing globally competitive products from group companies in China and other Asian countries into promising emerging markets in Russia, Central and South America, and Africa, while providing comprehensive support to the overall process of establishing bases, procuring materials, and creating sales channels in those emerging markets based on research.

The new company aims to achieve sales of approx. 30 billion yen from both within and outside of the group as of the end of the period.

Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., LTD

Toyo Ink SC Trading Co., LTD